Filtration Kit

This portable Membrane Filtration Kit is a very easy and practical way to quantify E.coli & other coliform bacteria in water samples - e.g. in the fields or for mobile laboratories. 


  • Easier to transport (by motorbike) 
  • Easier to use 
  • Independent of current or battery 
  • Less sensitive to errors 
  • Fewer consumables 
  • Easy storage of consumables (no cooling) 
  • Simplified sterilisation, methanol-free 
  • Testing of a larger number of samples compared to comparable kits 

Art. no.: 115433

LETZTEST Electricity-Free Incubator - 37°C

Worldwide unique! (Protected by Patent Office)
Independent of electricity, lightweight and compact. 


  • Incubation in non-electrified areas 
  • Incubation possible during transport (on a motorbike for example) 
  • Robust and practical 
  • Easy to transport and use 
  • Can also cool samples down to 37 °C if outside temperatures are higher. 

Art. no.: 115178 

LETZTEST Household Water Test Kit

The Household Water Test Kit is an educational presence/absence test kit, protected by patent office, which detects bacteria of fecal origin in drinking water. The Kit has numerous advantages in its use in rural areas and with respect to the objective of education and sustainable behavior change. 


  • Form: Recycled paper box 
  • Outer Dimensions: 173 x 109 x 100 mm 
  • Weight: 0,28 kg 
  • Shelf-life: 2 years 
  • Storage temperature: 1 - 30°C, no cooling required! Content: See product information sheet 

Art. no.: 113858

LETZTEST Tube - Fecal Bacteria Presence / Absence

LETZTEST Tubes are a presence/absence test to easily detect bacteria of fecal origin in drinking water. The test tubes have numerous advantages in their use in rural areas where a laboratory and qualified laboratory staff might not be available. 


  • Local production possible 
  • Easier to use 
  • Easier to evaluate 
  • Less sensitive to errors 
  • Incubation between 28-38°C possible 
  • Ready to use 
  • Easy to store (no cooling) 
  • Easy to transport 
  • Cost and time effective 

Art. no.: 116498

Filtration Membranes
package of 100 pcs.

Cellulose Nitrate Membranes for bacteriological water analysis by Membrane Filtration Method ISO 9308-1. 

Shelf-life: 4 years, no cooling required!

Art. no.: 114930 


Compact Dry Plates - E.coli and other coliforms
package of 4 pcs.

A very simple, quick and safe way to quantify E.coli and other coliform bacteria in water samples. Suggested for the LETZTEST Portable Membrane Filtration Kit.

Shelf-life: 2 years, 1 - 30°C no cooling required!

 Certificates: NordVal International Cerificate, AOAC Certificate 

Art. no.: 115177


- Compact Dry Plates - E.coli only; 4 pcs. per package (ALTERNATIVE)

 Art. no.: 116379 

- Compact Dry Plates - Enterococcus; 4 pcs. per package (ALTERNATIVE)

 Art. no.: 115406 

Smart Photometer eXact Micro20

 Easy to use, Waterproof, robust, precise, fast, easy to calibrate, accurate and providing results for more than 40 chemical parameters as well as turbidity in NTU. 

 This very unique photometer can transmit the results to your smartphone by Bluetooth® and work in conjunction with the application eXact iDip® for iOS and Android to manage your testing data in a very easy and clear manner. Results and automatically generated reports, including photos and mapping, can be shared with responsible entities via e-mail and messenger apps. 

 Art. no.: 115931 

Thio Sample Bags (118ml) 
100 pcs. per package 


Bags to collect potentially chlorinated water samples for bacteriological examination, in compliance with EPA and APHA requirements. Adapted to the needs where infrastructure and quality management systems are lacking. 


Shelf-life: No expiry date, no cooling required! 



  • • Ready-to-use
  • • Pre-sterilized
  • • Unbreakable on uneven roads
  • • Easy to transport and store
  • • Write sample ID on front par


 Art. no.: 114928 

Smart Multimeter eXact pH+

Easy to use and robust. This unique multimeter measures pH, conductivity, salinity, total dissolved solids (TDS), temperature and the redox potential (different probe). Results can be transmitted to your connected device thanks to Bluetooth® technology. The portable kit works in conjunction with the application eXact iDip® for iOS and Android. Results and automatically generated reports, including photos and mapping, can be shared with responsible entities via e-mail and messenger apps. 

Art. no.: 115945 

Laboratory Quantitative Testing Fecal Bacteria    

For analytical laboratories located in areas with limited infrastructure such as project laboratories. Still easy to transport, still independent of electricity in the event of a power failure.